Looking for Things to do In Bangkok? Try Escape Games

Things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, but to me, it is the best place to be in Asia. This city has more than a hundred activities and places that you can enjoy when on a visit. The elegant scenery of the city is breathtaking and you will want to spend more days just to experience all that Bangkok has got to offer. The shopping malls, the temples, the elegant architecture, the museums and the palaces are some of the things to do in Bangkok. Here are some amazing things that I enjoyed doing in Bangkok;

The Escape Hunt
If you are traveling to Bangkok with your family, one of the things you will want to experience is the Escape Hunt. This Escape Hunt Experience is an international entertainment franchise that lets you enjoy a sophisticated escape room adventure. What amazed about the Escape Hunt was that it has more branches all across the world. Nonetheless, the Bangkok branch is more of the headquarters of the Escape Games.

The new escape games of 2015 are made up of 6 games that are available for the public to participate. Every game is unique and contains some privacy policy. This implies that you will not worry about being interfered with a different group. For instance, I was with my family and we enjoyed the entire Experience with my wife and kids. We were assigned a master that helped to guide us throughout the game.

Four of the games are played on-site and the other two games are played in a typical environment. It will take you one hour, which is exactly 60 minutes to complete one game. The elegant display of the Thai architecture is what made us want to even stay longer. My son got lost in the puzzles of the house, so we had another adventure of finding him. Totally amazing.

Sea Life Bangkok
If you are a great fan of the sea life, then this is the place you will want to be. It is listed among the biggest aquariums in the Southeast of Asia. You will walk through a tunnel made of high-quality glass that is tough enough to prevent breakage when a sea animal bumps into it. This place gives you an elegant display of the sea life and all the organisms. Be prepared to pay up more for the admission fee, but you will truly enjoy the experience.

Wat Arun, Temple of Dawn
This is a temple in the city, which is rated as the most beautiful. The design of the temple itself is elegant and very much unique. This makes it worth visiting and also, you will want to keep your children close. They might get lost in the event.

Chatuchak Market
This is a Weekend market in Bangkok and it receives thousands of visitors every week. If you want anything to do with the Thai Culture, then this is the best place to be. The market is specifically open on Saturday and Sunday. There are about 15,000 stalls in the market and it is estimated that more than 100,000 people visit the market every weekend.

Anytime you want to enjoy the things to do in Bangkok, ensure that you make your bookings in advance and learn about the culture as well. This will help you enjoy all that the City has to offer.

Essential Travel Tips


Do you want to have a fabulous trip? Well, it all starts with your preparations prior to the trip. Here are just but a few travel tips that could help you avoid the many pitfalls that come with travelling.

Trip Planning

Any trip needs proper planning. This will ensure that you know what to expect and hence prepare yourself well If you want better advices, you could try reaching out to travel consultants. Consider the various options available and choose the one that suits you well Ensure that you have your travel documents ready so as to avoid any inconveniences.

Waking up Early

How your day will be is actually determined from the minute you wake up. If you wake up late things will go haywire right from the beginning. You also don’t want to miss that flight.


Figure out the best mode of transportation suitable for you Get a map. It could come in handy. Familiarise yourself with the geography of your destination. If its by plane, check out the budget and if there are any connections. If you will be driving, ensure that you find out all about renting cars, etc.


Whether using cash or card, it is important that you get acquainted with the currency of the other country (for international travels). See how you can avoid unnecessary fees. This will ensure that you avoid being taken advantage of by lets say, shoppers, who take advantage of VAT refunds.

Packing Light

You don’t want to carry your whole wardrobe, you also don’t want to travel then wish you had packed certain things. Thus you need to ensure that you pack the most essential things. But not too much. Air travel, for instance would require that you pack light.

Sleeping and Eating

Ensure that you book good hotels and restaurants that suit you That is that you can afford. Also check on the security of the hotels. You done want to wake up having to deal with a police case regarding your stolen items.

Phones and Technology

Your phone could end up being an expensive distract, or a time saver. There are ways that one could still stay in touch without necessarily having to have a mobile device. If you have travelled across continents, for example, find out about getting a new SIM card for that particular nation, for instance.

Trains and Rail Passes

Whether your preference is in rail passes or buying point-to point tickets, you still need to get adequate information about them so as to choose the one best for you

Sightseeing and activities

Plan well so as to avoid going where or when there are crowds. Get maps that could aid in navigation. Also find out how you can leap over language barriers.

These are just but a few tips that could help you in planning your trip and ensuring that it is stress free.

Importance of healthy food and drinks


Food is any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth. The substance is ingested in the body to provide energy, help to maintain life and to maintain growth. It contains important nutrients such as, fat, proteins, minerals and vitamins. In early times, most people got food through hunting and gathering, but today, most people secure food from food processing industries and agriculture products.

Food is divided into various categories such as Energy giving food (carbohydrates), vitamins, proteins and minerals. Examples of carbohydrates are; maize, rice, potatoes and arrowroots. Examples of vitamins are; vegetables such as cabbages, spinach and kales. Other examples of vitamins are; fruits such as mangoes, ripe banana and apples. Examples of proteins include meat, milk and beans.

There are different sources of food. Those sources include; plants, animals and food production industries. Plants are the main sources of food. People consume parts of plants or plants as a whole. There are over 2000 plant species, which are cultivated for food. Many of these plant species have several distinct cultivars. People consume different parts of plant such as seeds, leaves for vegetables and roots.

Animals are also sources of food. We can use animal directly or indirectly through their products. Animals provide to us milk, eggs and meat such as mutton from sheep, pork from pigs and beefs from cattle’s.

Human beings have 5 different tastes of food; sweet, sour, bitter, salty and omami. The common method of food preservation is refrigeration. DRINK Drink is any liquid liquids specifically prepared for human consumption. Drinks includes; juice, soft drinks, carbonated drinks water, milk, alcohol, wine, tea, coffee and beer. Drinks can be prepared in different methods such as; mixing, distillation, fermentation, carbonation, infusion, juicing and purification of water. Food and drink are often paired together to enhance the taste experience. We use utensils such as glasses, cup and bowls to take drinks.

NUTRITION DISEASES. Rickets. They are caused by lack of enough vitamin D. vitamin D can be absorbed from direct sunlight. Lack of vitamin D also causes cancer.

Kwashiorkor It is caused by lack of proteins in the body. Proteins can be obtained from food such as beans, meat, milk or peas. Marasmus The disease is caused by lack of enough food in the body. It leads to great weakness in the body. Obesity is caused by taking too much fatty foods and sugary foods. One obtains abnormal weight in the body.